Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Been A While....I Shouldn't Have Kept You Waiting...But I'm Here Now

So, it's been a while since I posted a blog, and by a while, I mean over two years. One might question what the point in blogging is since it has been so long; however, I ifnd no outlet for my political angst right now, so I've decided to give this a shot again.

This political season has seen a definitie shift (no pun or reference to the blog title intended here but in the future I'm sure there will be) in my political ideology and party loyalty.

So, why the shift? Was it the war? The economy? Minority Rights? Rising tuition and student loan interest rates? The increasing threat of global warming? The constant tax breaks to the wealthiest corporations and individuals? No. I have decided to be more compassionate and caring.

Compassion dictates thats you care for others; those that are like you and those that are different; those who will inhabit the earth with you and those who will inhabit it long after every trace of you has dissappeared; those who believe the same things as you and those who don't; those who advocate for tolerance and those who spew the most unadulterated hate speech. And, if you truly can begin to develop compassion for all of those groups of people and the many groups I couldn't think of nice "those and those" categories for, then I believe your politics are left (pun intended) with only one way to move: to the the left (Yes go ahead sing know you were thinking it and if you're like me go ahead and add a little head movement with it).

It's not that I believe those on the right lack compassion, although many do, and it's not that I believe that the left is always right; however, if one really begins to examine the policies of the last 20 years that have largely been dominated by Republican-Right-Wing-Religious Agendas and you begin to examine the effects that those policies have had on people that aren't represented by the rich, white, heterosexual males that direct Republican policy, it becomes clear that whatever compassion might exist in those making policy, it has failed to any substantial way be translated into our government.

So, vote for Democrats I say and vote for Hillary!
...More on why Hillary later and more I'm sure on why Democrats

Also, if you got the title of this blogs subtle shout out to Ms. Spears, kudos to you!