Monday, July 31, 2006

A New Me

So, I have decided to try and start a blog. Although rather unsure of my ability to succesfully create one that is worth reading, in my attempts to stay connected with friends, or rather, one friend specifically, I hope this blog will at least prove helpful. On that note, it is important that I give credit to said friend (unequivocal_prowess) for unbeknownst to her, providing a way for me to develop a user name. Since I didn't ask her permission in borrowing the idea, I hope she doesn't care. Also, we tend to live entirely seperate lives with random phone calls and hurried visits in between, so this blog and my subsequent hopeful reading and commenting on hers, may either represent an increased involvement, or at the least, knowledge, of one another's lives or an invasive attempt on my part to connect with her to a greater degree that will prove unsustainable or damaging to our unique relationship. For now, I will end this post in large part waiting to see what type of responses, if any, I get to this. And, also to see if I can succesfully integrate myself into my friend's blogging circle, knowing only her and one other blogger in it.

1 comment:

Unequivocal_Prowess said...

So, you read one post and already you are tearing my writing apart,eh Malfoy? You are so damn dead for doing that.

AND, clarification, I just meant it was inopportune because you had to escort me to the WT Wedding on Sat. and I wish I could have seen you more, not like 'DAMN, let me put my life on hold...' I called you, remember?

I am so damn happy to see you here I could cry

Love the name, welcome to the world