Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Oppression Abacus

So, Oprah is on hold since it's only 1:00 and she isn't gracing my television until 4 (which by the way pisses me off b/c I'm supposed to have VideoOnDemand, and lets face it, VOD is just The Man giving me a few options of what I can acutally watch on demand to make me feel like I have choice. I mean, it's 1:00 and I want to watch Oprah....where's my VOD?).

I'm a little concerned that while driving I now think of what cool or interesting things I could write about on my blog. I used to spend that time thinking about fun calculus equations (b/c I'm a freak who likes math and likes to keep my non-calculator skills sharp), or I used to think about papers I was writing and how I would make changes, develop the ideas, etc. I feel this blog may encumber my productivity elsewhere, but what the hell; who cares?

Back from a recent visit to see Madam Hootch, I am driving thinking about our conversation on oppressors/oppression, and I am left wondering how do you know if you are the oppressor or the oppressed?

My love of quantitative data and research methods leads me to conclude that a simple forumula should be used. So, let's use me:

Gay= 3
Middle Class=1/2
1/4 Latino=.-.50

(See the Key Below)

First we take my sex, male which is a score of 4
Then we make my race an exponential factor to my sex b/c let's face it a white male is exponentially a greater oppressor than a black male. So, now I have score of 4 to the 2nd but since I'm a 1/4 Latino, I add my two race scores (2-.50=1.5), so that I'm 4 to the 1.5 power, which is 8. If I where a black male my score would be .0625, and if I were a Latino female I my score would be .25.

Next we take the score from above and divide it by sexual orientation so now I'm at 8/3 which is 2.67

Now we take that score and multiply it by class so 2.67 x 2 = 5.34

Key for Oppression Calculation




Lowerclass= 1/2

If there are any additions to this forumual I should make, let me know.

Just for fun if you were a white male (4 to the 2nd) =16
Who is straight (16/1)=16
Who is upperclass (16 X 4)= 64

If you were a black male (4 to the -2nd) = .0625
Who is GLBT (.0625/3) = .0208
Who is lowerclass (.0208 x 1/2) = .0104

Now, I'm not for sure where exactly the lines are, but at least this is an idea of potentially where on the spectrum of oppression you might be. Of course higher scores mean you are more often an oppressor and lower scores mean you are more often oppressed.


Unequivocal_Prowess said...

Holy Crap this is hilarious! I think you should create your own inernet quiz using this calculation to figure out how big of an oppressor everyone is...LOL

Hey, seriously, it's really cool to see you jumping into this. Especially for you to see what all of us go through as we developed our blogs. I want you to remember now that you said that you thought this was a waste of time and look at where you are after 3 posts. Already your world is a filter for what you will post. And, btw, it will be this way for at least the next few months. You'll start feeling guilty when you don't post often because people are waiting to read what you wrote. You'll start spending time posting on other people's blogs to generate attention, and then you'll start going to blog directories to get other people to stop by and that doesn't even cover the blog look-I have a Harry and Hermione skin that I'll change my blog to in November so that you can see how to do that as well.

It's a world, EM, and you are slowly getting sucked in. Sorry about waiting so many days to post, but that is really how it goes sometimes...

P.S. You should've seen my bitchiness last night-it was throught he roof! Strenght meter, rising...

Unequivocal_Prowess said...

I had another thought while I was still surfing around that I realized you might not know. Here's a key of who's who, so that you know on my blog who are people that you might be interested in checking out sometime.

Genderist, "Haiku of the Id" =Lara and Bryan (from the night we ate Italian food)

Bad Shoe Guy, "Mild Mannered Alter Ego," = David (from the bar)

Everyone else around is either people I have met from surfing blogs or friends you haven't met yet. I also like to check out Kate's blog, "The Tudor Rose" because she's a Canadian living in York while she's working on her doctorate, so there's usually some cool stuff she's posted.

And Mark, also stranger, "Coffeeshop Stories" who lives in the Phillipines and runs a small business. The majority of his posts are poetic and seriously nothing short of awe-inspiring, so if you are having a down day, his blog will piss you off. But if you are curious, he's really fun to read.

I never or rarely read "Mausoleum of all hope..." or "The Blog of Billy" or "Notebook" these are personal friends of mine, but they don't post often. Sometimes you should check in on "Mausoleum.." because that is my friend Mike and I think he is someone exactly like you but also your opposite. I know you would loathe him immediately and yet he is very much like you. It's strange and I'm curious.

Anyways, there's who's on the priority list for me.

P.S. I ventured my first post to Matt's blog, Angry Dissenter, "If you can't think of anything..." so we'll see how that goes...Enough of this rambling...

genderist said...

If you're going to be an opressor, at least you're an oppressor with good hair.

the count said...

i'm a 48 on this, i think. i didn't even know i oppressed 48 people out of every 100 i saw. that's a power i didn't even know i had.

genderist said...

It's important to remember that X is almost always 9 and Y is usually 11.